We are not currently active, but feel free to learn about past campaigns or contact us!
2013 impact so far!
Here's the impact from our first six Bay Area Carrotmob campaigns of 2013. Read more »
Kelly's tips for attracting a big crowd
Kelly tells us top tips for getting big crowds to participate in Carrotmobs! Read more »
Our new partner
We received an investment from Greenstart to help us build the next generation of Carrotmob organizing tools. Read more »
How Carrotmob came to Estonia via Cape Town
Triin Sakerma tells us how Carrotmob came to Estonia and why it's a success in Eastern Europe. Read more »
Carrotmob to help Mercury Cafe build a parklet!
We're Carrotmobbing Mercury Cafe to help raise funds to build a parklet on Octavia Street in Hayes Valley. Read more »
Bi-Rite's 18 Reasons to Fight Childhood Obesity
We teamed up with Bi-Rite Market's 18 Reasons to teach local kids in San Francisco about healthy eating Read more »
Where Other Advocacy Groups Fear To Tread
Usually advocacy groups are very interested in partnering with us to do campaigns. But this latest campaign? This one made them nervous. I like it when they get nervous. Read more »
Swithin Lui on proper incentives, optimism and mankind's second chance on climate change
We talked to Swithin Lui who tells us why he’s a Carrotmobber. Read more »
You're the expert - put us to work!
Today we’re launching Ideas - a platform for anyone to suggest a Carrotmob idea in their community and get support for it - starting with the San Francisco Bay Area. And it’s as easy at 1-2-3. 1. You suggest an idea for an action you want to see a business take 2. You spread the word to see who else cares about it 3. We contact the business once an idea becomes popular Read more »
Help Himalayan Flavors keep snow on the mountains
Carrotmob at Himalayan Flavors: We're mobbing a local favorite for Indian and Nepalese cuisine in Berkeley. Buy a Carrotmob voucher to help the restaurant combat climate change by improving their energy efficiency. Read more »
Get to know a Carrotmobber - Ben Gleisner, New Zealand
Ben Gleisner leads the Conscious Consumers group in New Zealand. We sat down with Ben who told us why he Carrotmobs and his dream of a 10 city mob Read more »
Why do you Carrotmob? Australian edition with Helen Barclay
Helen Barclay co-founded Carrotmob Melbourne with Ying Hu in 2010 and has been Carrotmobbing ever since. Her hope is to inspire others to make Carrotmobs happen all over Australia! We asked Helen about what she loves about Carrotmobbing. Read more »
World Economic Forum shout out!
The World Economic Forum notes how Carrotmob's innovative buycott model is successfully engaging consumers to make businesses more sustainable. Read more »
Financial Times story on Carrotmob
The Financial Times (FT) covers our partnership with Unilever and how Carrotmob is leading cause consumerism's growth into a global movement. Read more »
Everyone Loves a Do-Gouda!
Carrotmob at Mission Cheese: If we support Mission Cheese, they will use the money to apply for permits, install, and maintain new bicycle parking on Valencia Street! Plus they’ll use any remaining Carrotmob funds to install new water-saving devices making sure that not a drop of Hetch Hetchy’s finest goes to waste. Read more »
Why does Santa Barbara Carrotmob?
Community Environment Council in Santa Barbara held its first Carrotmob on 10.10.10 as a part of 350.org’s Day of Action. They’ve been mobbing local spots in the area ever since. We spoke to Michelle from CEC about why she’s a Carrotmobber. Read more »
Kickin it Old Skool!
Today we’re make it easier for more people to participate with a new type of campaign where you buy a voucher online to support the Carrotmob and redeem it in person at the participating business anytime you like! Read more »
Ask an Organizer: Florian from Rennes, France
This week, we spoke with Florian who has been leading campaigns throughout France since 2010. This past fall marked his 10th Carrotmob! Read more »
Find out why Lauren in Ithaca is a Carrotmobber!
Lauren is a leader in the sustainability movement at Ithaca College and started Carrotmobbing last April. She first learned about the Carrotmob model from a SUNY Oswego student at the Association for the Advancement for Sustainability in Higher Education Conference, watched this video, and was convinced. The rest is history! Read more »
2012 Impact: Voting with your money!
In 2012, Carrotmobbers supported businesses across the globe, spending over $250,000. Read more »
2012 Impact: Sustainability
We see the impact Carrotmobs have made improving sustainability at businesses around the world. Read more »
2012: Most spent at a single mob
Over $14,000 was spent in a single Carrotmob in Belgium in 2012. Read more »
2012: Highest Bid from a business
The highest bid from a business in 2012 was from Oliver's restaurant in Perth, pledge 200% of sales to improve sustainability in Australia. Read more »
2012: Most cities mobbed in a single day
Carrotmobbers in Germany held the largest coordinated Carrotmob in a single day. It spanned 7 different cities! Read more »
2012: Biggest campaign in a single city
Mobbers in Austria held campaigns at 7 different businesses to improve sustainability and make a tangible impact. Read more »
2012: Most people at a Carrotmob
Over 2000 people attended the Carrotmob at Half Fast Subs in Boulder, Colorado, the most at any single event in 2012. Read more »
2012: Rise of the students!
Students led 11 Carrotmobs in 2012 to make businesses more sustainable. Read more »
2012: Trending in Europe
There were dozens of Carrotmobs in Europe in 2012, making a tangible impact on sustainability. Read more »
2012: Carrotmobs around the world
Carrotmobs improved sustainability around the world. There were 65 Carrotmobs in 2012 globally. Read more »
Taking pride in the first global Carrotmob!
Our aim was to spend enough that Thanksgiving Coffee would be able to fight climate change by pursuing wind-powered shipping. While we didn’t reach our spending goal, Thanksgiving Coffee has received so much support from the general public and the coffee the industry that they plan to continue to explore the transition to wind-powered shipping. And in the meantime, they are going to take the other action we agreed on with them, which is to use those same funds to support climate change adaption and provide clean cookstoves to their coffee farming partners in Uganda at the Peace Kawomera Cooperative. We’ll follow up with an update once they have taken this action! Read more »
We're in Fast Company!
Fast Company wrote a feature story on Carrotmob's growth into a global movement. Read more »
Carrotmob partners with Unilever on consumer-led sustainability campaigns
We’ve spent years trying to figure out how to make the Carrotmob model work well with larger companies, and today we’re happy to announce a big step forward towards achieving that goal. We are partnering with Unilever to explore the creation of future Carrotmob sustainability campaigns with Unilever’s portfolio of consumer products. Read more »
Big news! Announcing the first ever global Carrotmob campaign
Today we are launching the first ever global-scale Carrotmob campaign, focused on the largest business we’ve ever attempted to Carrotmob. For this campaign, instead of showing up in person to a business in your neighborhood, you can participate by buying online, no matter where you live! Read more »
How Carrotmob Works: A visual explanation
Here's a new visual explaining how Carrotmob works in 3 easy steps. Read more »
Campaign pages are now more social
We recently improved our Campaign Page to make it more social. Now you can see who is planning to attend an event by clicking on the number of mobbers listed on the page. Read more »
All seven continents
Carrotmob has reached Antarctica! We're in all 7 continents - making us officially "a global movement"! Read more »
Chapter 8: A New Hope
In which Carrotmob switches back to a for-profit model. Read more »
Chapter 7: The Brick Wall
In which Carrotmob discovers that they cannot legally pursue their plans as a non-profit organization. Read more »
Chapter 6: Rebuilding
In which Carrotmob incorporates as a non-profit and is finally able to develop a master plan. Read more »
Chapter 5: The Desert
In which Carrotmob wanders the desert, spending 6 months with very little support. Read more »
Chapter 4: The Circus
In which Virgance quickly grows to pursue many projects and we investigate various paths for Carrotmob. Read more »
Chapter 3: Starting Virgance
In which Carrotmob becomes part of an incubator company called Virgance. Read more »
Chapter 2: The First Campaign
In which the Carrotmob idea is developed and tested for the first time. Read more »
Chapter 1: The Inception
In which Carrotmob founder Brent Schulkin offers a personal reflection on how and why the Carrotmob idea came to exist. Read more »
We Are Back
OK, it’s time. We’ve just launched some basic tools to create your own Carrotmob campaigns, and now we are finally in a good position to make the Carrotmob vision a reality. Starting now, we’re going to share everything that has happened since the origin of Carrotmob, and then everything that we’re planning for the next few years. Get ready! Read more »
How our new tools can help you create a Carrotmob campaign
We’ve just launched a new section of our website to help you create campaigns. Read more »
Introducing new tools for Carrotmob organizers
Today, we’re excited to announce a new set of tools to make it easier for organizers to put together new Carrotmob campaigns and promote them on the Carrotmob platform: an organizer resources library, a new organizer worksheet and commitment document, the campaign dashboard and updated campaign pages. Read more »
Ein offener Brief an die Occupy-Bewegung
Die Occupy-Bewegung ist ein brodelnder Kessel. Erfreulicherweise ist die Küche voller Köche, die ihre eigenen Zutaten mitbringen. Ideen, Ziele, Projekte und lokale Gewürze. Obwohl viele Gäste ihre Nase über den Kessel recken um zu erschnüffeln, was da kocht, stellen viele Menschen vernünftige und wichtige Fragen zu diesem Gericht. Was ist das Rezept? Seid Ihr gute Köche? Wo ist das Fleisch? Read more »
An Open Letter to Occupy
People should have more power than businesses, but they don’t. We should stop approaching businesses like they are piñatas, and start approaching them like they are donkeys. Read more »
Carrotmob arrives in Africa
The first Carrotmob in Africa was held in Cape Town, South Africa in November 2011. Read more »
Carrotmob on Need To Know
Carrotmob was featured on PBS Need To Know program. Read more »
Everything You Need To Know About Carrotmob in Germany
Brent Schulkin visited Germany and found out German Carrotmobbers' strategy and what makes them successful. Read more »
June 2011 Campaigns
There are 6 Carrotmobs happening around the world in June 2011. Read more »
Carrotmob HQ Comes To Germany
Brent Schulkin travels to Germany - here's the plan. Read more »
Mic Check
Carrotmob just launched a new blog. Watch this space! Read more »

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